Wednesday, October 10, 2012

iMac and Steve Jobs

 Interesting article on Jobs.  I'm obsessed with how Apple is so different from other companies, and this little blurb shows it all.   I mean, no committees?  Wow.


Man who came up with iMac name tells what the ‘i’ stands for - Kansas City Business Journal: Here are the highlights:

• “Simplicity isn’t about dumbing things down,” he said — it’s about making things more elegant.

• Apple’s most powerful weapon is that it is made up of a smaller group of smart people — and zero committees.

• Take a cue from Jobs, and detest focus groups.

• “(Jobs) could not care less what his customers wanted,” Segall said. For him, it was Apple’s job to come up with innovative products that its customers didn’t even know they would want.

• Jobs rejected the notion that “businesspeople are a different type of of human,” Segall said. He advised to “think human” and speak and communicate in plain language

Wednesday, October 3, 2012