Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm speaking at Agile 2011! The Agile Cafe

For those who know me I have been very busy writing for other things, but I know write with good news. I'm going to be a speaker in Salt Lake City - Agile 2011! This is my favorite convergence of all - I always learn a bunch and speaking is great practice for me.

First, a quick description of the Agile Cafe- It is simply a variation of the World Cafe. Right now I'm working on the whitepaper, which I will post here when its done, but for now here is some points:
1. The Agile cafe is to gain visibility of agile in a large organization
2. The AC is a way to get people to meet and talk where there would be no other reason for them to do so.
3. The AC is for us to have fun at work, lighten the load, and be ourselves. To be human, and to leverage the oldest form of learning - conversation - to get us to the next level.

I'm excited to present, and excited to help others with how to set one of these up.

- Joe

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